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Hey, fellow job seeker, it’s gonna be ok :)

How to use this template:

Any time a recruiter or talent acquisition rep reaches out to you with a job description or offers to share opportunities, add this “helpful doc” to your reply.

How I’ve used it:

I’ve added this to my 30 min “Brief Chat” Calendly link in the Description/Instructions box. I paste the link to the viewing version of this document along with my portfolio link and link (check it out, it’s really great! They provide easy to use templates, it downloads to doc format, and you can see how many people have viewed your resume. Heck ya!) I also added a CTA to my portfolio called “Recruiters: Start Here” that links to this doc.

Important note: I came up with this document after being contacted by recruiters who asked for the same info during every phone screen/round 1 interview. As a person who lives with disabilities, I wanted more valuable (time, energy, etc…) interactions with recruiters and vice versa.

So, does it work?

This structure works for me and I’ve tested it (hello UX Researcher) with 6 different recruiters so far and asked for feedback, when possible (including feedback from a UX and creative IT recruiter who’s been in the biz for 15+ years!) The general consensus is that it works (when they open the link lol) and they usually say it makes their job easier. Pretty cool, right?

How is this doc useful?

1) Saves you time thinking of all this info on the spot. It gave me a chance to start thinking of the logistical info I need from/for a job.

2) If you meet a really great recruiter, you may develop a professional relationship. Over time, they may check in with you and send you jobs over time. This kind of doc can help them keep track.

Last, this doc took some work haha lots of notes and feedback over the last year. I made this template so you don’t have to. Just drop in the info you want to share. Delete what you don’t. Personalize it!! And keep it profesh 😉 Job searching is grueling so let’s see if this helps. Try to keep it updated before sending it out.

I’d really love your feedback and welcome any questions. Message me on LinkedIn anytime!

– Analise :)

Scroll to see the template:


Delete this part before you send this template out to recruiters.

Start Here

About me

Full & preferred name — First Middle Last

Pronouns — / /

Location — City, State

Fully vaccinated 💉💉

FAQs/Key Info

How to reach me 📟

  • Please do not call randomly without a prearranged meeting time, thanks!

Contact & Interviews


Scheduling Link:

Professional Profiles

  • LinkedIn profile:
  • Indeed profile:
  • Glassdoor profile:
  • AngelList Profile:

How to access my work history 📜

  • Resume: [add link -] (downloadable link, includes phone #) OR offer to send
  • Portfolio:

Am I actively applying? 👩🏻‍💻

  • Yes! I’m actively applying (Currently in 1st round interviews with 2 companies, 2nd round interview with 1 company)
  • Why am I on the market? Seeking opportunities where I can be a part of a team with a dynamic cross-collaborative design and research team. I want to continue to sharpen my skills and grow as a researcher.
  • Feel free to send opportunities/ask for consent to submit
  • If anything develops, I’ll let you know so you can help other candidates

What kind of roles am I looking for? 🧐

Note: I have __ years of UX research/design experience.

  1. UX Researcher (junior, early career…)
  2. UX Designer
  3. End to end design roles – interested in both primary and secondary research

Industries: Travel, Education, Healthcare, Fintech, etc…

Availability, employment types, relocation, etc. 🗓

  • Availability to start? Immediate
  • Availability to interview? Scheduling Link: [ ]
  • Vacations coming up?
  • Willing to complete a background check(s)? Yes
  • Willing to complete a drug test? Yes
  • Employment types: (i.e. full-time, Direct to Hire, Contract roles, W2, etc.)
  • Contract timeframes: (flexible? 3, 6, 18 months…?)
  • Remote/Hybrid/In-person
  • Open to relocation to the following areas:
    • Nationwide — City, State
    • EU/UK/etc. — City, Country
  • Require relocation assistance?
  • Time zones? PST, CST and EST are ok
  • Work Eligibility/Authorization?
    • US: I am a US Citizen and require no sponsorship to work in US
    • EU & UK/etc. : I require sponsorship

⛔️NOT looking for: On-site, hybrid, contract to hire roles, etc.

Referrals 💎

Perhaps I’m not THE ONE for this role. In that case, please consider these AMAZING professionals:

UX Professionals

Embed each referral with their portfolio/LinkedIn link. I usually like to add a little description (i.e. “natural problem solver” or “Figma Master”) This section is totally optional.

Other Tech Professionals

⭐️ Why this space? This document is to make your job a bit easier as we work together to find the perfect role.

Please do share with other professionals you believe this will help. Thanks!