Research Bookmark Mentorship Program

Welcome to the first edition of our UXR mentorship program starting June 2022!

We are currently looking for amazing mentors to support junior-mid level UX researchers, career ‘transitioners’ and students grow into researchers grow into strong UX Researchers.

What makes our program special?

Mentees not only receive mentorship but complete hands-on Research Bookmark project work. This will give them a realistic experience and understanding of what a UX researcher actually does (as well as language, environment, tools, expectations, etc.). Mentoring is available across time zones and is meant to work for your schedule and availability!

For mentees this will mean landing a dream career, building amazing products and loving what they do.


Become a mentor

What you’ll do

As industry-leading UXR experts, your mentorship will guide, inform and empower aspiring and existing early career researchers using your years of experience and strengths as a coach and educator. Your mentoring will help shape professionals who’ll make an impact as the next generation of researchers. Most importantly you’ll encourage excitement and curiosity and a sense of direction.

  • Lead remote group mentoring sessions
  • Work with small cohorts on Research Bookmark research projects
  • Inspire mentees to progress through the challenges of learning a new/refining a skillset

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How it works

Is there a curriculum somewhere? What should I do with my mentees?

The Mentorship Program isn’t an online course, so we don’t have a curriculum. You will lead group mentoring sessions for cohorts of 3-4 mentees w/ an open weekly time slot of 1.5 hrs for 9 sessions.

After you're matched with a small cohort, it is up to you to keep a weekly time block open to find out what kind of support they need.

Mentees choose you based on your profile and availability. During one of your first meetings you should decide what kind of format you want to have, it could be anything from providing feedback on research project exercises and tasks mentees are working on to weekly conversations about your work. Keep it relaxed.

Will I get paid as a mentor?

Yes, this is a paid position $350 per month plus Research Bookmark swag!


Find a mentor

  • Access to the Research Bookmark UXR community
  • Monthly UXR webinars and events
  • 3-month intensive learning including hands-on Research Bookmark project work and exercises
  • Communication with the mentors and fellow mentees via Slack

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How it works

How many sessions do I get?

After you're matched with a small cohort, it is up to you to attend a weekly 1.5hr session. In the course of 3 months you will attend a total of 9 group mentoring sessions.

How much does it cost?

The mentorship program is priced at a one time fee of $300 per 3 month cohort with the option of extension if you feel the program is right for you. In cases of financial need, there is a payment waiver to access free mentorship.

What happens after I register?

We collect applications from both potential mentors and mentees where we ask questions about skills, experience and personal preferences.

Immediately after registration and payment you will receive a confirmation email which includes a Zoom link to access your mentoring sessions.

Once the mentorship program is in full swing in June 2022, you choose a mentor based on their profile and availability.

What if registration is full?

After registration is closed we put all interested mentees on a waiting list. A new cohort starts every three months and depends on the amount of mentors we have available.